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Monday, 16 Jul 2018

Weidemann 2080 / 2080T

The powerful wheel loader

The Weidemann wheel loaders make every work application even more productive. For in addition to a high level of functionality, working comfort and excellent safety standards, they have a great deal of power and endurance – Weidemann offers you the right solution for every task.

Also available with Telscopic arm (2080T)
A tele wheeled loader is particularly ideal for those who need more lift height. For in addition to functionality, a high level of working comfort and excellent safety standards, these machines have a telescopic boom that provides considerably higher lift height and range compared to normal wheel loaders with loading arms. The basic virtues, such as manoeuvrability, stability and lifting power that characterise the articulated wheel loader, also apply to a tele wheeled loader - which makes them so successful.

The legendary articulated pendulum joint

Weidemann wheel loaders always run with all four wheels, in any situation, in any terrain. And because the front and rear carriage can oscillate independently of each other, they react sensitively to every unevenness. The benefits: You always drive with maximum traction and no power is wasted.

2080 / 2080T Overview:

  • Hydrostatic all-wheel drive.
  • 100% differential lock.
  • Total working height - 2080(3,828mm) 2080T(4,937mm)
  • Hydraulic quick-hitch system
Standard Option -Not Available
Hydrostatic drive system via transfer gearbox and universal joint shaft
100% differential lock, electric-hydraulically connectable on front and rear axle
Travel speed 0 - 20 km/h

Travel speed 0 - 28 km/h

Speed increase to 30 km/h -
Multifunction joystick and armrest (one unit with the operator’s seat)

3rd control circuit front, proportionally via joystick
4th control circuit front, proportionally via joystick -
High Flow single-acting -
Reversing valve in front (3rd control circuit with 4 connections) -
1-2 hydraulic connections in rear dual-acting
Unpressurised front reverse travel
Unpressurised reverse travel in rear
Lowering brake valve
Load vibration dampening
Telescopic arm -


Z-kinematics -
Cabin with heater, fan and windscreen wiper roll-over protective structure and FOPS-tested
Cabin laterally tiltable
Adjustable steering wheel
Four work lights mounted to the driver's cabin
Four LED work lights mounted to the driver's cabin
Lighting equipment according to Road Traffic Regulations
Comfort seat with safety belt fully suspended
Comfort seat with safety belt and air cushioning
Heated seat
Air-conditioning system
Fuel display
Operating hour meter
TÜ-expert's report (addendum in vehicle documentation)
Battery isolator switch
Fully automatic central lubrication unit
Hydraulically activated quick-hitch system for attachments
Stainless steel steering lock
Greasable articulated pendulum joint
Front electrical connection
Rear electrical connection