It was late and every one had left the outside seating area who had been watching the illumination show of the Pyramids, and Sphinx, except a hired guide given me by Solomon: the Captain of the Bellboys, at the Sheraton Hotel, in Cairo, and a hired policeman, who guarded the Sphinx, whom I paid well, a middle aged man, as was Solomon and the guide-all paid well to take me after the show to see the Sphinx-and there I waited in the shadow of the building, the Sphinx in the darkness in front of the building beyond the dirt road that lead to the plateau, and there I waited, against the electric light that appeared to be on permanently. taxi to woking

In the daytime the dirt road in front of the building and seating area overlooks the Giza Plateau, in that it is visible-where the Great Pyramid is-now closed for repairs, in which I had to go to the Khafra Pyramid in place of the Khufu Pyramid, the Sphinx being in front of the pyramid, and causeway, the street was dusty, but during the evening dew had settled the dust and now as it was close to midnight, it was quiet and the heat of the day was cooled, and one could feel the difference.

The guide and the policeman were friends of Solomon the Arab, all three were Arabs, and while he knew the two were good contacts and associates, and took me as a client, paying only the policeman (and themselves),without paying the soldiers that guarded the Sphinx, so they’d allow me to visit the Sphinx at night in person -actually forbidden, told me: ‘Don’t utter a word during the visit… ‘; then Solomon dressed me in a white tunic, and head-covering, hiding my Irish-American look.

“Now don’t say a word,” said the policeman-repeating what Solomon had said, meaning: be quiet there are guards down there-soldiers, “we didn’t pay the soldiers, so we don’t want any trouble with them (had I paid them, it would have been a lot more costly-$1,400-hundred dollars is what they all wanted, total).”